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mickey the type to be like “you callin’ me gay?” after the officiant tells him to kiss ian at the altar



Imagine Mickey seeing Ian wearing this




emmyrossum: Tuesday morning on #shameless

"Mickey is a secret journal chained closed with a padlock, slammed inside a vault and dropped into the middle of the Pacific Ocean."
So, it’s a weird kind of thing to play but you know actors love challenges and it’s been really fun to play some of the darker, more angry stuff that we haven’t seen Fiona really play up to that point.

inspired by x,x 

welcome to the micklana show #spinoff @noel_fisher@showtime @sho_shameless

ian/mickey + beyoncé

@noelfisher: Mickey had a rough day.

I would never leave you. Ever. You have to know that. After everything we’ve been through, you kind of just have to know that.

kiss me and i’ll cut your fucking tongue out.