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favorite character meme ★ [2/6] quotes

some girls are just jerks. like that chick at the store yesterday, did i deserve that? no. but did i take her shit? no way. cause i’m better than that and so are you. nobody fucks with the gallaghers.

1x03 - 4x12

We hang out.

"What’s the question that you’re sick of answering? Did I ask it?"

wounds on your back are still sore // a mix for mandy and mickey // LISTEN
cryin wolf - zz ward feat. kendrick lamar / i blame myself - sky ferreira / demons - the national / rock bottom - king krule / sullen girl - fiona apple / old man no 7 - the devil makes three / youth - daughter / don’t save me - haim / saturday night - natalia kills / waiting around to die - the be good tanyas



the robbers // an ian x mickey fanmix [listen]

southside boyfriends fucking shit up. y’know, hanging out, robbing people, running from the cops, going on heists (making out afterwards)

tracklist: 1. disparate youth - santigold 2. teenage crime - adrian lux 3. the robbers - the 1975 4. never let me go - lana del rey 5. bad romance - frank ocean 6. pumped up kicks - foster the people 7. paper plane - mia 8. sex - the 1975 9. drunk in love (cover) - the weeknd 10. young blood - the naked and famous 11. invincible - ok go 12. sweet disposition - the temper trap

watchshameless meme 

[2/10] scenes - 2.02 "Summer Loving"

Are you sure you’re not making this up?

About JC Chasez?

No. About being gay.

guys i have so many feelings about the music the characters on shameless might listen to and i spend a lot of time thinking about it



mickey is obvs into shit like spoon, the velvet underground (he loved lou reed), the white stripes/jack white in general, fair to midland AND RAP DUH he totally loves rap. wu-tang, kanye, jay z (but mostly his old stuff before he got all rich), danny brown, odd future, eminem because he’s a white boy who’s alive in the world, of course he likes eminem. like i bet he plays lose yourself for ian all the time and ian straight up can’t stand it because that’s so not his bag at all (“this is literally the fourth time you’ve played it today” “yeah because it’s a good fucking song man” “we’re breaking up”)

and he totally loves/identifies with the beastie boys!! he has strong opinions about their albums and he’s never given a shit about celebrities but mca’s death bummed him out for days

mandy’s almost exclusively into girl artists, like m.i.a., iggy azalea, sky ferreira (can’t you just picture her sitting in her room listening to night time, my time?), sleigh bells, lana del rey, best coast. i feel like she’s warmed to indie over the years bc it’s what ian and lip like but she still prefers badass ladies singing about badass shit. mickey conditioned her to love rap early on so she listens to a lot of that but even his best efforts couldn’t stop her from being a hardcore spice girls fan growing up

ian mostly likes indie/alternative stuff. arcade fire, vampire weekend, grizzly bear, frank ocean (you know ian loves frank ocean), sufjan stevens, the black keys. he just shrugs when mickey makes fun of his taste bc ian knows full well he liked those strokes songs he played for him last week. ian’s v easy about music tho - he knows what he likes but he can easily enjoy the stuff on the radio too

he and mandy both like drake and mickey mocks them relentlessly for it

lip’s taste is p similar to ian’s but he likes a lot of older artists ian has no interest in, like otis redding, tom waits, ryan adams, talking heads. lip was 100% that asshole in high school who listened to the national and thought he was cooler than everyone because of it. he likes rap as much as mickey does and it’s the one thing they’ve managed to bond over; i like to imagine fiona raised lip and ian on hip-hop but lip was the one it ended up sticking with

i bet fiona’s taste is all over the place - like ian, she has her preferences but she’s cool with mostly anything, except seriously, seriously keep all that pop shit away from her (“i don’t even know what the fuck maroon 5 is”) and i like to think she gets as defensive over kanye as i do but mostly bc i like to pretend we’re soul sisters. either way, you know fiona jams to beyonce’s new album like there’s no tomorrow. also i bet her favorite pandora station is 90s alternative ja feel me

Mickey & Ian + Height Difference