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coming up empty

Ian wants to say something angry, maybe, but her voice doesn’t cooperate. Instead she kneels next to Mickey, lets herself get tugged down. Almost close enough to kiss, but never quite.

short fem!ian/mickey fic

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scotthorwitch: Im pretty confident this crew would crush the Boyband circuit - Ian & Lip Gallagher on the highs, me on the lows & Zayn from 1D the ringer. The harmonies would be angelic. #factual #lastnightgotweirdfast


{part one}


A little nip won’t hurt you!


Jack Daniel’s and Orange Juice

Gallavich sketch for this special potato

I’m so sorry it’s super crude and it doesn’t look like them and it’s definitely out of character please don’t hurt me

@EmmaRoseKenney: love my cast so much❤️ #shameless #teamgallagher #chicago

justingchatwin The silliest and most beautiful gal in Hollywood @emmyrossum 

@Justingchatwin The view from my eyes today. My favorite clown.
Q: translate dirtiest white boy in america


emotionally distant gay boy tries his best


justingchatwin: The silliest and most beautiful gal in Hollywood @emmyrossum