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1x01 ian and lip

According to IMDb 5.09 is called "Carl’s First Sentencing" and not “Be Somebody’s Bitch”.


queen of everything


gilmore girls au where ian is lorelai and mickey is luke

i feel like i have to figure out a lot of logistics here but i’ve been watching a lot of gilmore girls lately and I Have Thoughts

ian goes to the military and leaves the military and gets diagnosed with bp and every day he feels more and more that his family just isn’t getting it and he’s getting restless and he needs to figure himself out so one day he up and leaves and finds himself in a little town called stars hollow

and he’s so young and so broke but he marches up to this place called the independence inn (with his head held high just like fiona taught him) and he demands a job and he gets a job and all the other housekeepers hate him for consistently getting tipped better but fuck them honestly because he works his way up and he becomes manager like the fuckin badass he is

and across town is mickey’s diner (which used to be terry’s hardware before terry’s miserable ass finally kicked it - though mickey’s never touched a thing in the place, partly out of lasting fear, partly out of that dumb milkovich loyalty he can never quite escape)

and mickey’s rude and angry and aggressively indifferent towards everyone else on the planet and he’s perpetually wearing flannel and a backwards baseball cap but he makes the best goddamn cup of coffee in chicago so people keep coming back

and they meet and they hate each other because holy shit are they the very definition of opposite and it’s spectacular and at some point ian becomes as much of a fixture at mickey’s as the dingy green paint on the walls

he breezes in every morning in his neat button-down and talks mickey’s ear off about one thing or another and they bicker like breathing (“okay burger boy dance” “will you marry me?” “what?” “just… looking for something to shut you up”) and mickey lets ian get away with not paying even though he swears every time is the last time and they fall for each other quietly and slowly

no one ever really saw mickey milkovich smile before ian gallagher came to town, is the thing

sho shameless #Shameless returns on Sun Jan 11 at 9PM. And , we have one word for you: gentrification.

everything i love is on the table.
everything i love is out to sea.

shameless season 5 teaser: new neighbors, old hoods (x)


during the hiatus: fuck this show im done this was the last straw i dont even really care anymore tbh



mickey seems like he’s back to being more of a thug and less of a gangster i missed this tbh



*sees mickey carrying guns half his size and destroying a storefront* my beautiful son

Fiona: What’s in store for our characters in Season 5 of Shameless. Anything you can share? I don’t watch the show but after what I’ve been told, if this is the usual it sounds totally mad. For example: Kev decides to go to College and meets Sherry and Alice who are sorority girls. The next morning Kev and Sherry are passed out naked in his dorm room after a night of getting high and showing the girls pictures of his babies. If that wasn’t enough Veronica kisses some guy called Eddie who she has cheated with before but blows him off this time. Is this usually how this show goes? [SPOILER TV]
shameless: (of a person or their conduct) characterized by or showing a lack of shame